Cricket betting terms

Cricket betting terms
cricket betting online method by which a first wicket in a game will be taken. Achieved once in international cricket by Lasith Malinga at the 2007 World Cup.

A Fifty or a Hundred to Be Scored in the 1st Innings. Wood a bowler who consistently dismisses a certain batsman is said to "have the wood" over that player. Sitter an easy catch (or occasionally a stumping) that should generally be taken. Point Spread, a handicap, also known as head start, with which a stronger team is expected to defeat a weaker one.

Bookmakers will list the. Sightscreen a large board placed behind the bowler, beyond the boundary, used to provide contrast to the ball, thereby aiding the striker in seeing the ball when it is delivered. Charge when the batsman uses his feet and comes out of his batting crease towards the bowler, trying to hit the ball.

Also known as Slog Overs. Five-for (also five-fer, Fifer, five wicket haul, or shortened to 5WI or FWI) five or more wickets taken by a bowler in an innings, considered a very good performance. Originally called a "duck's egg" because of the "0" shape in the scorebook. Perfect over, The For a bowler, it would be a Maiden over by scoring all 6 wickets within an over. Declaration bowling a phrase used to describe delibrately poor bowling (Full tosses and Long hops) from the fielding team to allow the batsman to score runs quickly and encourage the opposing captain to declare.

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Cherry The (red) cricket ball, particularly the new ball.

This is a bet on the number of ipl betting line runs that we think will be scored in the first over of a match. Nelson a score of 111, either of a team or an individual batsman, regarded by ipl betting rates in india some as unlucky.

Usually applies to spin bowling. Former Hampshire player Kevin James is the only player in first class cricket's history to take a double hat-trick and score a century in the same match, achieved against India at Southampton in 1996. Double normally the scoring of a 1000 runs and the taking of 100 wickets in the same season. Twenty20 a new, fast paced, form of cricket limited to twenty overs per innings, plus some other rules changes, specifically designed to broaden the appeal of the game. Flight a delivery which is thrown up at a more arched trajectory by a spinner. Considered to be a hallmark of good fielding if the throw is also accurate because flat throws travel at a fast pace.

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Punters choose which of the two teams will ipl betting india hit the most sixes (a shot which passes over or touches the boundary without having bounced or rolled). The exact nature of the restrictions ipl betting group vary depending on the type of game: see limited overs cricket, Twenty20 and powerplay (cricket).

Cricket Betting Terms 1st Over Total Runs. Brace two wickets taken off two consecutive deliveries. Wicket-keeper the player on the fielding side who stands immediately behind the batting end wicket.

Off cutter an off break ipl betting bookies delivery bowled by a fast or medium-pace bowler which moves into the batsmanafter hitting ipl betting india the surface. Medium-pacers either bowl cutters or rely on the ball to swing in the air. The non-striking batsman leaving his crease during the delivery in order to shorten the distance to complete one run. This term was coined by legendary player and commentator Richie Benaud.

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Attacking shot A shot of aggression or strength designed to score runs.

To Win Outright When you are betting on the winner of a competition or series containing more than one match. A shot played not in betting rate of ipl the accepted "textbook" manner, often with a degree of improvisation.

Still in the experimental stage and not currently used for all Test series. Ton (also century) 100 runs scored by a single batsman in an innings. Bowling foot the foot on the same side of the body that a bowler holds the ball. Glove part of a batsman's kit worn to protect the hands from accidental injury. Sticky wicket a difficult wet pitch. Carrom Ball a style of bowling delivery used in cricket, named because the ball is released by flicking the ball between the thumb and a bent middle finger in order to impart spin Carry. The ICC cancelled the experiment in February 2006. Runs, wickets, extras etc Seam the stitching on the ball.

Examples would include betting on the winner of Test Series, County Championships, the Twenty20 Big Bash, the ICC Champions Trophy, the Ashes Series, the Pakistan Super League, the World Cup etc. Feather a faint edge. The first supersub was Vikram Solanki, who replaced Simon Jones at Headingley on However, as Solanki replaced Jones after England had bowled, and England only lost one wicket in chasing down Australia's target, Solanki did not get to play any best ipl betting part in the game. The two possible bets are Yes and.

Matthew Hayden would have a strong down the ground graph with many 4's straight of the wicket. The equipment used to protect the pitch from rain. An anchor plays defensively, and is often the top scorer in the innings. Usually batsman playing at numbers 3 or 4 play such a role, especially if there is a batting collapse. Pads protective equipment for batsmen and wicket-keepers, covering the legs. Tras' or 'Xavier Tras'.

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From the Hindi or Urdu for second or other.

To Win the, toss, betting on which ipl match betting rates team wins the coin toss before the match. Hat-trick a bowler taking a wicket off each of three consecutive deliveries that he bowls (whether in ipl match betting rates the same over or split up in two consecutive overs, or two overs in two different spells.).

Inswing or in-swinger a delivery that curves into the batsman in the air from off to leg. Match fixing bribing players of one of the teams to deliberately play poorly, with the intention of cashing in on bets on the result of the game. Wrong 'un another name for a googly; most common in Australia. Cow shot a hard shot, usually in the air, across the line of a full-pitched ball, aiming to hit the ball ipl match betting rates over the boundary at cow corner, with very little regard to proper technique.

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